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About Neuromodulators.

Neuromodulator treatments—such as BOTOX COSMETIC®, Dysport®, Xeomin® and BOTOX THERPEUTIC® — have both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. Neuromodulators are a classification of the purified protein botulinum toxin A. When used therapeutically, the treatment can prevent chronic migraines and excessive sweating, a.k.a. hyperhidrosis*. Neuromodulator treatments are a safe and non-surgical option to soften expression lines and correct the signs of aging that can make us look tired or troubled*. Their purpose is to impede the neurological signals that activate muscle contractions that form wrinkles, cause muscle tension that can lead to headaches and/ or activate the sweat glands. The rejuvenating and therapeutic results of a neuromodulator treatment may last from four to six months*. Prevention and longer lasting results are cumulative benefits of regularly timed treatments.

What can a neuromodulator treatment do for you?

Techniques in facial rejuvenation have evolved to allow for natural-looking outcomes. The aim is to impart a refreshed and relaxed appearance rather than erase all evidence of lines and wrinkles. In addition to reducing the depth of existing wrinkles, neuromodulator treatments like BOTOX COSMETIC® can preempt the formation of more permanent expression lines*. In a matter of minutes, a rested and revitalized appearance can be realized*. Other cosmetic applications for neuromodulator treatments include:

  • Correcting a gummy smile
  • Alleviating bruxism
  • Reducing the appearance of neck (platismal) bands
  • Non-surgical brow lift

For chronic migraines and excessive sweating, treatments with BOTOX THERAPEUTIC® provide welcome relief from the negative impacts these conditions cause to one’s physical and emotional well-being*.

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*Outcomes may vary

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