Light therapy to correct aging concerns.

About PhotoFacials

Photofacials are a trusted and highly effective treatment to correct skin discolourations. Restore Vein and Skin Centre employs BBL (Broad Band Light) technology to send heat energy into the skin’s depths. These precisely emitted flashes of light target colours in the skin. In the instance of dilated vessels, the blood plasma serves as the treatment target; the delivered heat energy coagulates the vessel with the aim to relieve facials redness. The same principle applies to brown spots to which the heat energy is directed. Once treated, these pigmented lesions darken and are pushed to the skin’s surface to be shed away, revealing a more uniform skin tone*. BBL PhotoFacials fade age spots and relieve a blotchy complexion with little to no downtime*.

What can PhotoFacials do for you?

Photofacials provide Kelowna and Okanagan patients a safe and non-invasive way to manage an uneven skin tone, which is often the result of sun damage or rosacea. In addition to correcting skin discolourations, Photofacials activate collagen synthesis and imbue the skin with a renewed glow*.

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*Outcomes may vary

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