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Sciton diVa laser vaginal rejuvenation has resulted in great patient satisfaction since being introduced in our clinic to help women with urinary stress incontinence and menopause-related vaginal dryness and discomfort. It comes as no surprise that more clinics will be jumping on the bandwagon, offering non-surgical vaginal laser rejuvenation in Kelowna and the Okanagan. There are a number of different laser companies offering their technology for laser vaginal rejuvenation such as Fotona Intimilase and MonaLisa Touch, and all of them will tell you that they work great. The truth is, they all do work! So how do you choose which device to go with? Let me explain why I chose Sciton’s diVa for Restore Vein & Skin Centre after looking at all the other devices.

1. Sciton is considered the Cadillac of lasers. They are known to be technical and performance leaders with high quality platforms and extraordinary reliability and durability. There is a high price to pay to obtain their devices, but I want to offer the highest quality treatments to my patients. I do not own or work in any other clinic; all my energy is put to making sure that I am present in the community to support the care and health of my patients.

2. diVa is the only device that utilizes a single use strengthened QUARTZ dilator that is placed over the laser hand piece (which is a large part of the expense of the treatment). The laser hand piece itself never touches you so there is no risk of cross contamination from another patient. The quartz resists disintegration from the heat of the laser and provides optimal clarity for the laser to fire through. Other vaginal lasers either do not use a cover or use a suboptimal plastic cover.


3. At 3 – 5 minutes, diVa is the fastest vaginal rejuvenation device. Although the treatment is very comfortable, let’s face it – the less time the treatment takes, the better. The treatment is fully automated. The treatment provider simply adjusts the laser settings to your needs, and then holds the dilator in place while the treatment is performed. Unlike other laser platforms, the diVa has been programmed to provide a uniform, predictable and safe treatment without the need to manually pull or rotate the hand piece as the treatment is being performed.

4. diVa, unlike many of the other devices on the market such as Fotona Intimalase, can reach the deeper layers of the vagina walls to give significant improvement to the elastic fibres of the vagina. This corresponds to improvement in vaginal tightness and decreased pain with intercourse.

It has been shown that vaginal walls become thicker and have increased blood supply after even one treatment. For some women, one treatment may be all that is necessary. However, for women with significant vaginal atrophy or urinary incontinence, best results will be obtained with two to three treatments, and this is true of any of the laser devices available. Sciton has shown that three treatments with the diVa can result in sustained improvement lasting over one year.

I believe vaginal health is a very important aspect of healthy aging. If you believe you deserve the best treatment available with the highest level of safety and hygiene, diVa vaginal laser therapy is the treatment for you. For more from Dr. Mandy Wong, watch this video!