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Treatable Conditions

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It performs several important functions, such as protection, temperature regulation, and sensation to name but a few. Beyond its practical purpose, the health and beauty of the skin holds a venerated place in our culture. Consequently, when skin conditions and aging changes occur that detract from the appearance of the skin, one’s confidence and well-being can be adversely affected. At Restore Vein and Skin Centre, our mission is to help our patients attain and preserve the youth, vitality and health of their skin. We’re dedicated to providing unmatched patient care using leading, scientifically proven methods. We welcome you to use this site to learn about various skin conditions and explore your treatment options. Should you have further questions, we invite you to contact us to arrange a professional, personal consultation.

Acne and blemishes

About acne

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions. Although it will frequently arise in adolescence, acne is as common a skin condition among adults. Causes and triggers for acne include hormonal fluctuations, stress, inappropriate skincare products (for your skin type) and/or incorrect usage of skincare products. These factors can contribute to congestion of the skin follicles: dead skin cells, along with excess sebum and debris, trap acne-causing P. acnes bacteria deep within the skin follicle. In turn, this bacteria causes inflammation, which can develop into pustules, papules, whiteheads and blackheads.

How we deal with acne

The Restore Vein and Skin Centre is dedicated to helping Kelowna patients struggling with acne to restore health and balance to their skin. We are committed to offering leading acne treatments while respecting the integrity, health and beauty of the skin. Treatment solutions for acne may include oral and/or topical medications, professional skin resurfacing treatments, BroadBand Light (BBL) treatments, laser or dermal filler treatments for scarring and medical grade skincare. Whether you are suffering from mild or moderate acne, our skin experts will help you to realize your best skin. It all begins with a professional consultation. We welcome you to request an appointment with us today. Following are the related treatments:

Brow Heaviness

Give your look a lift.

About brow heaviness

The aging process affects us all uniquely. Factors such as lifestyle, genetics and the environment can influence how and when we age. One aging concern that affects some people more than others is a heavy brow; when the skin of the forehead and upper eyelids become loose, the brow can be pulled downward by gravity. This can make us look fatigued and add years to our appearance.

How we deal with brow heaviness

The state of skin laxity will influence the course of treatment to correct a heavy brow. In some cases, a neuromodulator treatment such as BOTOX® COSMETIC can relax muscle tension to gently lift the brow; a skin tightening treatment may also aid in firming the skin of the forehead to subtly lift a descending brow. For more pronounced heaviness, a blepharoplasty procedure removes excess skin and fat from the upper eyelid that pull the brow down. An in-depth consultation with one of our skin experts will ascertain the treatment solution that is best suited to your individual needs. Give your look a lift: contact us to arrange an appointment today. Following are the related treatments:

Brown spots

When time in the sun catches up with us.

About brown spots

Some of us are born with brown spots, a.k.a. freckles. These beautiful markers of our unique beauty differ from the brown spots that begin to arise in the skin with age. Often ‘freckling’ the parts of our face and body that see the most light of day, brown spots can take away from a youthful appearance. Sun damage is largely the culprit for this type of skin discolouration. Apart from wearing and reapplying sun protection on a daily basis, brown spots require intervention with brightening topical creams and cosmetic treatments in order to be minimized.

How we deal with brown spots

For Kelowna and Okanagan valley patients who wish to restore an even tone to their complexion, we offer an exceptional range of treatment options to rejuvenate the skin. Targeting and treating pigmented skin lesions can be accomplished with broadband light (BBL) Fotofacials or a variety of laser resurfacing treatment options. A consultation with one of our skin experts will ascertain the course of treatment best suited to optimize your skin tone clarity. Following are the related treatments:

Dull Skin

About dull skin

Glowing skin that seems to shine from within is a symbol of youth that we all hope to embody. The effortless luminosity of young skin is dampened as the skin regeneration decelerates with age. Fortunately, there are a variety of non-invasive treatment solutions available to refresh the look of dull skin.

How we deal with dull skin

Our clinic is dedicated to providing Kelowna and Okanagan valley patients with exacting treatments to address their skin concerns. For revitalizing a sluggish complexion, no downtime solutions such as dermaplaning and NanoLaserPeel™ remove the top layer of dead skin cells that diminish the brightness of the complexion and coarsen the skin texture. Treatment options such as the "Halo glow”, an inventive light resurfacing treatment using the Halo™ Hybrid Fractional Laser provide beautiful brightening results in as little as one treatment. This “Halo glow” bears extraordinary skin radiance with only minor redness and peeling that resolves in just 5 days and gives the added benefit of stimulating collagen growth. To learn more about how we can help you outshine dull skin, we welcome you to book a professional consultation. Contact us to arrange your appointment today. Following are the related treatments:

Enlarged pores

About pores

Pore size is arguably one of the most common skin concerns people have. Our skin type is a determining factor for pore size, along with our age. Larger pores are an indication of heightened sebum production, which explains why people with dry skin have such small pores. As one ages, it is common to feel that the pores have become enlarged, when in fact the loss of collagen diminishes the support around the follicle wall, causing them to appear bigger. There are also cases when a prolonged impaction (comedo/ blackhead) permanently distends the pore.

How we deal with pores

While you cannot change your skin type or avoid aging, there are ways to manage the appearance of the pores to keep them looking tight, toned and refined. Kelowna and Okanagan valley patients can turn to laser devices to activate the renewal of the skin. When the surface layer of dead skin cells is removed and new collagen is synthesized, the pores appear noticeably toned and refined. Being content with the look of your pores is as simple as booking a professional, personal consultation. Our team of skin experts will recommend a treatment plan that can help you realize the improvement you seek for your skin. Contact us to arrange your appointment today. Following are the related treatments:

Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is a common disorder affecting millions of Canadian. This is a physical disorder that can cause a lot of emotional distress. Embarrassing stains or wet spots under the arms necessitate frequent change of shirts and restrict choice of color. Wet hands result in avoidance of hand-shaking and even make the holding of a pen and typing on a keyboard difficult. Wet feet can make wearing of sandals and flip flops difficult due to slipping and sliding. For those who even the strongest antiperspirants are not effective, the use of neuromodulators like Botox Therapeutic can produce a dramatic decrease in sweating, resulting in a major boost of confidence.

Following are the related treatments:


About eyelashes

Dark and full lashes make us look rested and more youthful. Unfortunately, the ideal of long, thick and defined lashes is not a reality for many of us. Whether we’re born with thin or short lashes, or they lose their lustre and fullness due to a medical condition or the aging process, sparse lashes fail to highlight our eyes as beautifully as we’d like.

How we deal with eyelashes

Many women opt to enhance their sparse lashes by applying temporary false eyelashes or semi-permanent lash extensions. There is an alternative solution to these finicky, time-consuming and occasionally sensitizing options in the form of a nightly at-home treatment such as LATISSE®. The treatment works by prolonging the growth cycle of the lash hair, allowing for long, robust and dark lashes to take up residence along the previously scant lash line in a matter of months. Batting long, full and dark lashes that are all your own is possible. To learn more, we invite you to book in for a lash enhancement consultation. Contact us to arrange your appointment today.

Following are the related treatments:

Feminine Health


At Restore Vein and Skin Centre, we have a special interest in Feminine Health. Women face many significant physical challenges through the years, including childbirth and menopause.  In Canada, women are living to an average of 83 years of age.  Undoubtedly, longevity should be accompanied by optimum health for the greatest quality of life.  Decline in pelvic floor and vaginal health greatly impact a large majority of women, starting with stress urinary incontinence after childbirth to vaginal dryness and painful intercourse due to menopause.
Today, there are treatments that do not require surgery or downtime that can significantly improve these symptoms.  So many women do not reach out for help or even mention these problems to their doctors.  We encourage you to explore the options that modern medical science can provide through a personal and private consultation with Dr. Mandy Wong.  As no two patients are identical in their needs, we will customize a treatment plan that is most suited to your greatest concerns.


About hands

Our hands are veritable workhorses and unfortunately, they can end up showing the wear and tear they endure over time. As our hands are almost always exposed to the environment, it’s not surprising that one of the major culprits for aging the hands is sun damage, which contributes to thinning of the skin, rough texture and uneven tone. Veins, bones and tendons may become pronounced; wrinkles form; and brown spots emerge to age the appearance of the hands. Fortunately, there are safe and highly effective remedies for these aging concerns.

How we deal with hands

Kelowna and Okanagan valley patients have access to variety of non-invasive solutions to address the signs of aging on the hands. Restoring volume with skin tightening and dermal filler treatments helps to minimize the appearance of visible veins and smoothens hollows on the backs of the hands; laser resurfacing and light therapy treatments address textural and discolouration woes. These non-invasive methods are trusted and powerful ways to turn back the clock on aging hands. Are you ready to reclaim youthful-looking hands? Booking a professional consultation is the first step in attaining your objective. Our team of skin experts will assess your hands and work with you to create an ideal treatment plan to realize your aesthetic goals. Contact us to arrange your appointment today. Following are the related treatments:


About lips

The ways that the skin of the lips differs from the rest of the body is fascinating. The thinness of the skin of the lips is responsible for their natural, flattering flush. Unfortunately that same characteristic, along with the fact that lips have no sebaceous glands (ie: they can’t produce moisture) or melanin (ie: natural sun protection is non-existent), leaves them vulnerable to environmental aggressors that lead to aging changes. Thinning lips, lip wrinkles and an ill-defined lip line are just some of the concerns that can arise over time. Whether you were naturally blessed with thick, thin, bee-stung or down-turned lips, we offer ways to keep your unique smile beautiful for years to come.

How we deal with thin and/or aging lips

Dermal filler treatments are a safe and effective non-invasive solution for Kelowna and Okanagan valley patients to rejuvenate their smile or improve the size and shape of their lips. Dermal filler treatments can replace lost volume, create new volume, and define and reshape the lips. Additionally, they help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Treatments are enduring and may last anywhere from six months to two years. Working with an experienced and skilled injector will ensure that your newly augmented lips feel natural and look beautifully suited to you. To learn more about lip enhancement with dermal fillers, we invite you to book a professional consultation. Contact us to arrange your appointment today.

Following are the related treatments:


About melasma

Melasma, commonly known as pregnancy mask, is a pigmentation disorder characterised by large ill-defined patches of darkened skin that tend to appear on the upper lip, cheeks and forehead. Sun exposure and female hormones are considered to be the main factors that contribute to its development. The combination of exposure to ultraviolet light and heightened female hormones (due to hormone-based contraception, hormone therapy, pregnancy and/or some medications) triggers an inflammatory signal that leads to a darkening of the skin. The discolouration that ensues may fade over the winter season in Northern climates, or simply when hormone levels stabilize. Unfortunately, unprotected exposure to sunlight can readily activate a melasma relapse.

How we deal with melasma

Kelowna and Okanagan valley patients can improve the clarity of their skin tone through a combination of light and/or laser treatments and a professionally recommended skincare regimen designed to quell melasma symptoms. Our skin experts take into consideration the inflammatory nature of melasma when creating an ideal treatment plan for you. This approach, combined with diligently wearing and reapplying sunscreen daily, can fade skin discolourations for a more uniform skin tone. The path to a brightened complexion begins with a professional melasma consultation.  
Melasma photo 1
Melasma photo 2
  Following are the related treatments:

Migraine headaches

A therapeutic preventative treatment for chronic headaches.

About migraines

Migraines often pose severe disruptions to everyday life for those who suffer from them. The intense throbbing pain, nausea, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound that often accompany a migraine attack can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. In the instance where migraine medication is not entirely effective in remedying the condition, complementary medical treatments can aid in the relief and impede the recurrence of migraines.

How we deal with migraines

Our clinic provides a non-invasive preventative treatment that can help migraine sufferers manage their condition. A neuromodulator treatment with BOTOX THERAPEUTIC® targets the muscles of the scalp and neck that, when tensed, constrict blood flow to the head, thus contributing to the development of a migraine. By disrupting the muscle contraction and subsequent tension that adds to the onset of a migraine, their occurrence can be reduced and averted. This provides welcome relief for those whose lives are acutely disrupted by this painful and often debilitating condition. If you would like to further explore managing migraines with BOTOX THERAPEUTIC®, we invite you to book a professional consultation. Contact us to arrange your appointment today.

Following are the related treatments:


About rosacea

Rosacea is a skin disorder characterised by skin flushing over the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Small pustular blemishes may also be present over the affected areas. While anyone can develop rosacea, it most often affects middle-aged women with fair skin. In its early stages, the symptoms of rosacea can be dynamic, with the onset of flushing being triggered by environmental temperature fluctuations, various foods, physical exertion and stress. The flare-ups can be acute over a period of weeks or months, and then subside only to arise again.

Over time, the condition progresses, and the facial redness becomes static as the vessels remain dilated.

How we deal with rosacea

There is no established cure for rosacea; however, the symptoms can be effectively managed with medicated topical creams and laser and light therapies. These treatment solutions will aid in reducing facial redness and clearing acne rosacea. As this is a chronic condition, regular follow-up treatments will be required to maintain your results. Having your skin accurately diagnosed is the first and most important step in alleviating rosacea symptoms. Our team of skin experts will work closely with you to create a treatment plan to safely and effectively manage your skin condition. Contact us to arrange your professional consultation today. Following are the related treatments:


About scarring

Injuries to the skin can leave their mark in the form of a scar. The different types of scars include flat, keloid, hypertrophic and atrophic (icepick/pitted) scars. Each of these types of scars will vary in their size, shape and tone. Whether a scar is large or small, visible or hidden away, they can be bothersome and cause one to feel self-conscious. This is certainly the case for patients who have the unpleasant reminder of acne scars. Thanks to advancements in dermal fillers and laser resurfacing devices, there are safe and effective non-invasive solutions to minimize scars.

How we deal with scarring

Through our clinic, Kelowna and Okanagan valley patients have access to a wide range of cutting-edge devices and dermal fillers to address a variety of scars. An important consideration to note is that scar revision cannot restore the skin to its original form—it can, however, make noticeable improvements to reduce the visibility of the scars. We are committed to creating highly customized treatment plans that will help you realize satisfying results. Contact us to arrange a professional consultation today.

Following are the related treatments:

Skin cancer

Prevention and treatment of the most common form of cancer.

About skin cancer

It may come as a shock to learn that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. More than 90 per cent of all cases of skin cancer are caused by exposure to ultraviolet light. The development of these abnormal skin cells is highly preventable with sun-safe practices such as wearing sunscreen and protective clothing, as well as avoiding prolonged sun exposure and tanning beds. The fact that the skin is the body’s largest organ is what makes skin cancer, especially melanoma, so dangerous: melanomas are the most aggressive form of skin cancer, and can lead to death if left unchecked. When skin cells become cancerous, they have the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. There are three main types of skin cancer: basal-cell cancer, squamous-cell cancer and melanoma. Each type of skin cancer presents differently and requires medical diagnosis to determine its strain. Unusual lesions, new moles that have appeared, and changes to existing moles are all skin changes to keep an eye on. While skin cancer tends to affect people with lighter skin more frequently, people with darker skin tones are not exempt from developing skin cancer. Although Kelowna and Okanagan valley patients experience a short summer season, the need to protect the skin from the sun does not stop when the mercury descends. The fact that the incidence of melanoma is steadily on the rise in Canada is evidence of the need for diligent prevention methods and regular skin cancer screenings.

How we deal with skin cancer

Our clinic takes a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. We are equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools that improve the ease and accuracy with which skin cancer screening is performed. After an expert assessment, should further action be required our medical practitioners will make the appropriate recommendations for treatment. If you would like to schedule a skin cancer screening, we welcome you to book an appointment. Contact us to arrange your visit today.     To learn more, watch Dr. Henry Docherty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbVJHAa9b6s&index=2&list=PLh1vhjabNEZ9VOGx11zU5Sb34CywiJEO-&t=27s   Following are the related treatments:

Skin Laxity

About laxity

The signs that our skin is losing its elasticity start off subtly in the form of fine lines, and then become more obvious with the formation of folds and sagging skin. The underlying cause for skin laxity is the degradation of the skin fibres that provide structure and support: as we age, the synthesis of these fibres slows down and the skin’s natural defense mechanisms against free radicals and environmental aggressors wanes. This adds up to diminished and weakened collagen and elastin fibres, and ultimately lax skin.

How we deal with laxity

Good skincare habits that include medical-grade formulations and daily sunscreen use are essential to preventing skin laxity; however, to realize noticeable improvement in skin firmness, professional treatments are a must. Kelowna and Okanagan patients can hit the reset button on lax skin with skin tightening and laser toning treatments. Our clinic is appointed with first-class medical devices to initiate a rejuvenating response in the depths of the skin. Non-invasive treatments with ClearScan YAG™ and SkinTyte II™ activate the synthesis of new collagen while rejuvenating the existing tissues for remarkable tightening results. We invite you to discover how firmness can be restored to your skin without surgery. Contact us to arrange a consultation today. Following are the related treatments:

Skin lesions

Aesthetic and medical solutions for skin irregularities.

About lesions

Spots—some of them have been with us from our very first breath, while others mysteriously appear out of nowhere. For the former congenital moles and the latter undiagnosed skin spots, it is important to track and assess these lesions to ensure they pose no health concern. When moles and/or lesions change or grow, it is crucial to have them examined by a medical expert. The epidemiology of moles is not well established, and melanoma occurrence is on the rise in Canada—these two considerations alone make the need for regular skin cancer screening all the more imperative.

How we deal with lesions

Our medical experts take a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of precancerous and cancerous lesions. We work with state of the art skin cancer diagnostic equipment to provide Kelowna and Okanagan valley patients with an efficient and accurate screening process. Once the nature of the lesion is established, and should action be required, an ideal treatment plan will be recommended. If you have a mole and/or lesion that is causing you concern, or you simply wish to introduce regular skin cancer screenings into your healthcare regimen, we invite you to book a professional consultation. Contact us to arrange your appointment today. To learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an-qOjC-cfs&index=1&list=PLh1vhjabNEZ9VOGx11zU5Sb34CywiJEO-&t=1s     Following are the related treatments:

Skin Tone & Texture

The defining character of healthy and youthful skin.

We all strive for beautifully smooth, youthfully tight skin. Babies and children possess all the necessary ingredients that make the skin soft, plump and dewy. By the time we reach adulthood, the factors that produce and maintain youthful skin begin to wane; however, a little cosmetic intervention can do wonders to improve the tone and texture of the skin.

About skin tone and texture

Fine lines, flaking, enlarged pores, scarring and discolouration are the tell-tale signs that the skin is not renewing itself optimally. When the rate of our skin renewal slows down with age, our skin tone and texture suffers. The good news is that the skin’s smoothness and vitality can be readily restored with non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

How we deal with skin tone and texture

Kelowna and Okanagan valley patients can reveal smooth, taut and beautifully even skin with laser resurfacing and skin tightening treatments. In addition to devices like the SkinTyte II™ that activate collagen synthesis for firmer and tighter skin, our clinic has a wide selection of medical lasers that can address both moderate and acute concerns with skin texture including lines, wrinkles, acne scars, scars due to injury and stretch marks. Recapturing the youthful quality of smooth and toned skin begins with a professional consultation. Whether enlarged pores, acne scars or lax skin are your main concern, our skin experts will work closely with you to create an ideal treatment plan. Contact us to arrange your appointment today. Following are the related treatments:

Sun Damage

Aging and skin health concerns caused by the sun.

About sun damage

Over time, there are both health and aesthetic concerns that develop in the skin as a result of sun exposure. The alarming facts are such that 90 per cent of non-melanoma skin cancers, 86 per cent of melanomas, and 90 per cent of the visible signs of aging can be attributed to exposure to ultraviolet light. The damage incurred results in changes to the DNA of the skin cells that can manifest in the development of precancerous and cancerous lesions, actinic keratoses (AKs), wrinkles, brown spots, dilated vessels and skin laxity.

How we deal with sun damage

Our clinic takes a special interest in the detection and treatment of precancerous and cancerous skin lesions, which means that Kelowna and Okanagan valley patients can access state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for convenient and accurate assessment of their skin health. In addition, our roster of high-performance laser devices provides comprehensive, safe and effective solutions for sun-related health and aesthetic concerns. It’s never too late to undo the damage caused by time spent in the sun. We welcome you to book a professional consultation; our team of skin experts will create a personalized treatment plan that will restore your skin’s health and radiance. Contact us to arrange your appointment today.     For more information, watch Dr. Mandy Wong talk about treatment options: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxzaVPEv0yc&index=6&list=PLh1vhjabNEZ9VOGx11zU5Sb34CywiJEO-&t=27s     And here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7XteTsjQnw&index=7&list=PLh1vhjabNEZ9VOGx11zU5Sb34CywiJEO-&t=2s     Following are the related treatments:

Unwanted Fat

The latest non-invasive face and body sculpting methods.

About unwanted fat

Regardless of how much we exercise and monitor our diet, we can still be faced with areas of unwanted fat that impact how attractive and confident we feel in our skin. Rather than feeling like failures, it is important to acknowledge the genetic factors and lifestyle influences (think stress and lack of sleep) that can make unwanted fat so stubborn. Kelowna and Okanagan valley patients need look no further than our roster of innovative, non-invasive fat reduction treatments to take care of those annoying trouble spots once and for all.

How we deal with unwanted fat

Our clinic is dedicated to sourcing the most safe and effective treatments and technologies on the market. Our current roster of fat reduction methods includes the revolutionary fat-freezing CoolSculpting® technology (we are the only Okanagan clinic with two devices, which cuts treatment times in half) and the breakthrough fat-dissolving injectable treatment Belkyra™. A thorough consultation with one of our medical experts will determine the treatment plan best suited to your contouring needs. Contact us to arrange your appointment today.

Following are the related treatments:

Unwanted Hair

About hair

If only we could choose how much hair we have and where it appears on our body. With laser hair removal, that goal is not entirely lofty. Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to permanently reduce unwanted hair. With this appealing solution, Kelowna and Okanagan valley patients can reduce the burden of managing unwanted hair—which requires much time, effort and expense—and put their energies to better use.

How we deal with hair

Our clinic administers laser hair removal treatments with first-class technologies that provide comfortable, safe, efficient and efficacious treatments. Restore Vein and Skin Centre in the only clinic in the Okanagan valley appointed with laser hair removal technology that is safe for tanned skin and eliminates the painful snapping sensations associated with other treatment devices. A series of treatments is required to optimally treat unwanted hair and reduce it permanently. The amount and duration of treatments will vary per individual case. Our medical experts will assess the hair you wish to address and recommend an ideal course of treatment to realize satisfying results. If you’re ready to say farewell to razors, wax strips, ingrown hairs, irritated skin, and ultimately your unwanted hair, we welcome you to book a professional laser hair removal consultation. Contact us to arrange your appointment today.

Following are the related treatments:

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence — the loss of bladder control — is a common and often embarrassing problem. The severity ranges from occasionally leaking urine when you cough or sneeze to having an urge to urinate that's so sudden and strong you don't get to a toilet in time.  Urinary incontinence isn't a disease, it's a symptom. It can be caused by everyday habits, underlying medical conditions or physical problems. During pregnancy, many women experience at least some degree of urinary incontinence, which is the involuntary loss of urine. The kind of incontinence experienced during pregnancy is usually stress incontinence (SI). SI is the loss of urine caused by increased pressure on the bladder. In stress incontinence, the bladder sphincter does not function well enough to hold in urine. At Restore Vein and Skin Centre, we offer two treatment to our patients to help combat this issue: diVa is a non-invasive laser treatment that helps restore the vagina's elasticity. It is specially designed for women who are experiencing urine leakage, vaginal laxity, or lack of lubrication due to childbirth, menopause or chemotherapy. We know that doing Kegel exercises can help strengthen the pelvic floor, however this can be challenging as most women do not know how to generate a proper Kegel contraction, or are able to adhere to a daily Kegel routine that would result in any significant improvement. With the EMSella™ chair, you are doing 11,000 supra maximal Kegels in 28 minutes.

Veins & Vessels

When the invisible becomes visible

The complex network of veins and vessels that is hard at work beneath the skin is largely unseen—that is, until damage and/or dysfunction cause them to make an appearance. While dilated vessels and varicose veins are unsightly, they can also cause discomfort and lead to further health complications when left untreated.

About veins and vessels

The causes for dilated vessels and varicose veins are multifactorial and include age, gender, pregnancy, obesity, hereditary disposition, long periods of standing or sitting, and inactivity. Regardless of the reason for their development, the key element that applies to dysfunctional veins and vessels is the impairment of the valve that allows the free flow of blood into and out of the vessel. When this occurs, the blood remains trapped within the vessel walls. Dysfunctional veins and vessels can vary in tone from blue, purple, green and red, and appear as thread-like marks or as clearly defined large and twisted pathways. For many patients, dilated vessels and varicose veins are simply a cosmetic concern, while for others, aching pain and discomfort can arise. When left untreated, varicose veins can lead to more serious concerns including ulcerations, and the problem may also extend into the surrounding network of healthy veins. Varicose veins may also signal a higher risk of other circulatory problems.

How we deal with veins and vessels

Our clinic specializes in the treatment of veins and vessels. The hallmark of a sound and effective vein and vessel treatment is a thorough patient assessment and evaluation to determine the root of the varicosity. Using ultrasound technology, our medical experts will map your veins in order to create an ideal treatment plan. When the root of the problem is treated effectively, there is often a chain reaction wherein the problematic veins and vessels that branch out from this epicentre are resolved. Through our clinic, Kelowna and Okanagan Valley patients have access to the leading treatments in the resolution of varicose veins and dilated vessels, which include Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA), MOCA (Mechanical Ablation, Chemically Assisted) and sclerotherapy. We have selected these gold standard solutions for their superior results, comfort and ease of recovery.       For more information about the treatment of Varicose Veins, watch Dr. John Mah:
The following are related treatments:

Volume Loss

About volume loss

While it may be less noticeable than expression lines or age spots, volume loss presents significant changes to our appearance that age us—at first subtly, and then more discernibly. The signs of volume loss include: the thinning of the lips sunken or hollow eyes, temples and/or cheeks; deep folds next to the nose and mouth; jowls; and pronounced bone structure and veins on the hands. These signs signal a thinning dermis—the layer of the skin that provides structure, elasticity, firmness and volume. Through the natural aging process and accumulative sun damage, the network of collagen and elastin fibres that are the foundation of the dermis become less abundant and resilient.

How we deal with volume loss

Kelowna and Okanagan valley patients have access to excellent non-invasive solutions to mitigate volume loss in the skin and improve their appearance. A gold-standard treatment for the restoration of facial volume is dermal fillers: dermal fillers instantly replace lost volume where it is needed, and have been shown to stimulate natural collagen synthesis in the skin. Treatments with SkinTyte II™ boost the skin’s production of collagen fibres for improved skin texture, redefined facial contours and softened lines. We invite you to book a professional, personal consultation to see how comfortably and beautifully volume loss can be corrected. Following are the related treatments:


Smooth away the signs of aging.

About wrinkles

Wrinkles are lines, creases and folds that appear on the face and body as we age. The causes of this normal part of the aging process are multifactorial, and include: damage incurred from accumulative sun exposure; reduced moisture production and retention; the deceleration of the cell turnover process; and muscle tension/rigidity. When the fortitude of the skin’s barrier and the density of the dermis—the layer of the skin that provides elasticity and firmness—are compromised, both static and dynamic wrinkles appear. Fortunately, there are things we can do to prevent and correct this aging concern to maintain more youthful-looking skin.

How we deal with wrinkles

As there different types of wrinkles, there is more than one tactic to correct them. For expression lines that relate to muscle tension, a neuromodulator treatment such as BOTOX COSMETIC® subdues the muscle contraction that forms the wrinkle. Deep folds, marionette lines and lip wrinkles can be smoothed away with a dermal filler treatment. For static wrinkles, light and laser devices yield remarkable rejuvenation results by activating skin renewal. A professional consultation with one of our skin experts will ascertain which type of wrinkle treatment is right for you. A combination approach may be recommended to realize optimal wrinkle relief. We invite you to arrange an appointment with us today. Following are the related treatments: