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Halo™in Kelowna worth it? Definitely!

Since introducing Halo™ to Kelowna and the Okanagan in 2015, it has quickly become Restore Vein & Skin Centre’s #1 laser resurfacing treatment, both in terms of the number of procedures done and patient satisfaction. This is the same response it has generated in most clinics that have brought in this innovative technology. Realself reports a “worth it” rating of 86%. This is considered a high rating in devices used to improve skin quality. In fact, one clinic in Kelowna has actually written a blog about Halo to bring people to his website who are looking up Halo on Google, only to find a link saying that he does not have the Halo and goes onto explain why their ten-year old CO2 ablative fractionated laser device is superior. Having used the same device for 7 years in a previous clinic, I can say from personal experience that many people did not find the results of that device to be worth the downtime and would never do it again. It sat in the corner, largely unused. It is difficult to sell a treatment where you are concerned whether the patient will be happy in the end. This is not a concern with Halo. The short down time and significant improvement in pigment that is seen within 4 days of treatment has led people to plan their next treatment (even in the same year) and go on to tell all of their friends about it.

Halo is the perfect treatment for any age. The rate of collagen breakdown outpaces the rate of production in our skin at the age of 30. The earlier you take steps to maintain your skin with proper skin care and treatments like Halo, the better. It is much easier to prevent than try to reverse damage that has accumulated over time. Even if you have started to get serious about skin health late, Halo is still a wonderful and gentle treatment that will give you results that you will see, feel and love.

Age 20 – 30:
Improve sun-related hyperpigmentation
Prevent early signs of aging
Obtain a “Halo glow” before an important social event
Treatment of acne scarring

Age 30 – 50:
Invigorate the skin to maintain collagen production and treat early signs of aging
Treatment of melasma and sun-related hyperpigmentation
Treatment of acne scarring

Age > 50:

Improve sun-related hyperpigmentation and other age related blemishes
Soften deeper wrinkles when more aggressive laser resurfacing procedures are not desired

For more information about different types of laser resurfacing, see Ablative Laser Resurfacing and Fractionated Laser Resurfacing.


For more about Halo™ go to: Halo