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Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure

This proverb is true for so many of the chronic diseases that are seen in North America. The same is true for keeping skin healthy. Our skin begins to age at the tender age of 30, with decreased production of collagen and elastin, (seen as the beginnings of crows feet next to the eyes and the number 11’s between our brows) and reduced ability to hold water due to decreased levels of endogenous hyaluronic acid. This is also when brown spots and dilated blood vessels start to appear from those days you forgot to wear sunscreen in your 20’s. In your 40’s, women often see the skin below their eyes become more crepey, the beginning of lines around their lips (“purse string”) and “accordion lines” or “parentheses” on either side of their mouth. These signs are seen earlier and exaggerated in those who smoke or have not protected their skin from the sun.

While there are more and more skin products and energy devices being developed to try to reverse the signs of aging, prevention is a much easier route, but education is key. The most common question we are asked is “how long will this treatment last?” While much of this depends on genetics, a large part is based on what YOU do to maintain and protect your skin.

Optimum skincare in your 20’s:

  1. Start proper skin care regime – Proper cleaning of make-up, pollution, dirt, excessive sebum (oil), and dead skin cells accumulated over a normal day will help keep pores from clogging (which contributes to enlargement of pores) and allow beneficial skin care ingredients to penetrate into the skin. Cleansing is especially vital to those who suffer from acne. Our go to cleansing technique is “Getting skin ready” by Zo.

2. Wear sunscreen, preferably SPF 30+, every day – yes, even in the winter. Snow reflects as much as 80% of UV radiation, which is much higher than the amount reflected by water or dry beach sand. Sunscreen is especially important at the higher altitudes of ski slopes.

Listen to Canadian Olympian Ski Cross athlete Julia Murray talk about her father, Dave Murray – a two-time Olympian and member of the infamous Crazy Canucks who died of melanoma at the young age of 37.


Our sunscreens of choice are based on the minerals Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide, such as those produced by Elta MD.

3. Start topical antioxidants every morning – even sunscreen is not 100% adequate to prevent free radicals from damaging the DNA in the skin cells. Pollution, cigarette smoke, and infrared radiation from the sun are capable of skin cell mutations and contribute to breakdown of collagen, skin aging, and skin cancer. While this damage is invisible in your 20’s it will be seen years later unless steps are made to correct it. Daily Power Defense from Zo, our number 1 seller, contains not only potent antioxidants to mop up free radicals, but also scientifically proven DNA repair enzymes .


Optimum skin care in your 30’s:

  1. Start using skin care products that contain retinoids, the most scientifically proven antiaging ingredient to date. This family of vitamin A derivatives rev up skin turn over, unclog pores, prevent fine lines and is the cornerstone of acne treatment. Retinol is found in many over the counter ingredients but we prefer products that contain at least the minimum amount of retinol to be effective. Our go to product here is Retamax by Zo, containing 0.5% of retinol.

2. Introduce minimally invasive treatments into your routine such as BBL Forever Young twice a year, Nanopeel, PRP facials, Skinboosters and/or Halo Glow once a year. These treatments along with retinoids will provide gentle treatment for the beginnings of skin aging and optimum prevention in years to come.

3. Consider the use of muscle relaxers like Botox Cosmetic® if you have lines that are becoming evident even at rest. At this age, you will require very little to get a very good result and there is increasing evidence that starting earlier can actually prevent things from getting worse, meaning that there is less to correct in the future.


Optimum skin care in your 40’s:

  1. In addition to topical antioxidants, sunscreen and retinoids, it is time to consider adding other proven antiaging ingredients such as peptides and growth factors to boost collagen production. The essentials can be found in Zo antiaging II kit, although we often add Retamax to ensure adequate amounts of retinoids.

2. Energy devices become more of an essential component of antiaging. For optimum skin health we recommend three BBL Forever young, one Halo, and one Ultherapy per year to encourage collagen production at every level of the skin.

3. Botox Cosmetic® and volumizing dermal fillers can help fight the effects of gravity and decline of skin, muscle, and bone volume associated with aging.

Optimum skin care in your 50’s and beyond:

If you have treated your skin well, protecting it from UV exposure and stimulating collagen production with good quality skin care and energy devices, you will glide into your 50s and 60s looking pretty darn good. It is especially important to keep up the good habits and skin regime you have developed over the years with the decline of estrogen and testosterone levels associated with this stage of your life.



If you were not so good about maintaining your skin, it is never too late to develop good habits. This can prevent further decline and the development of worrisome skin cancers. None of us are perfect and it is our passion and commitment to guide you to the best state of skin health possible.