A breakthrough injectable double chin treatment.

About Belkyra™

A well-defined chin and jawline is one of the universal signs of youth—and, therefore, one of the tell-tale signs of aging is the accumulation of submental fat, resulting in a double chin. This may occur due to weight gain, but often is simply a matter of genetic predisposition. Regardless of one’s age or the trigger for the development of a double chin, it can negatively impact confidence and self-image. The latest development in cosmetic injectables from the company that brought us BOTOX COSMETIC® is Belkyra™ (also known as Kybella in the United States). This revolutionary treatment can resolve the predicament of a double chin without surgery. Within a few treatments, submental fat is dissolved to transform the silhouette of the lower face, revealing more youthful and defined contours*.

What Belkyra™ can do for you

For Kelowna and Okanagan Valley patients, Belkyra™ can help to restore their chin and jawline to its youthful and definitive state*.

  • A treatment grid is mapped along the double chin to allow for the precise distribution of the injectable treatment.
  • A topical anaesthetic can be applied for improved comfort prior to doses of the deoxycholic acid being administered.
  • The Belkyra™ treatment works by breaking down the fat cells underneath the chin.
  • The body’s natural elimination process takes care of the released contents, and over the span of a minimum of two treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart, patients can see improvements to the contours of their jawline and neck*.
  • Some patients experience minimal discomfort at the injection site, which dissipates over a period of a few days following the treatment. Patients can expect swelling at the treatment site over a period of days following the treatment, however Belkyra™ treatments present no disruption to daily routines.
  • Kelowna patients can anticipate requiring between two and six treatments to realize their ideal results.

To learn more about reducing the appearance of a double chin with a Belkyra™ treatment, we welcome you to book a professional consultation. Our highly skilled injectors will work closely with you to achieve incredibly natural-looking and gratifying results.

*Outcomes may vary

The following before and after photos are actual patients after only 1 treatment.

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