Blepharoplasty – Upper Eyelids

A surgical solution to reshape and rejuvenate the eyelids

About blepharoplasty.

Our eyes are the focal point of our face, so is it any wonder we’d like them looking their best? Eye creams, makeup tricks and injectable treatments aside, when eyelids lack definition or begin to sag, a blepharoplasty procedure offers an effective solution. An upper eyelid blepharoplasty involves a surgical incision along the natural crease of the eyelid. Your cosmetic surgeon removes excess fat, muscle and skin and then refines the shape of the eyelid for a natural-looking and flattering outcome*.

What can blepharoplasty do for you?

We only need to look to our parents to see our future selves. For some Kelowna patients, this means a predisposition to heavy eyelids. For those who wish to restore their eyelids to a more youthful state or to realize their ideal eyelid shape, a blepharoplasty procedure may be fitting*. Lax eyelid skin can also lead to visual impairment—a.k.a. ptosis for which blepharoplasty can restore the proper functions of the eyelid*.

Restore Vein and Skin Centre welcomes you to visit us for a professional consultation with accomplished Kelowna ophthalmologist Dr. Keith Yap to learn if an upper eyelid blepharoplasty is the right solution for you. During the consultation process, your aesthetic goals will be discussed, the details of the procedure will be explained, any and all of your questions will be answered and your eligibility for surgery will be determined. Our care providers are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and support through every step of your cosmetic surgery journey. Are you ready for a new view?


*Outcomes may vary

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