Dermascopic Examination

Providing microscopic insights into skin health.

About dermascopic examination

Using a special optical system, dermoscopy is a non-invasive skin cancer screening method that allows the evaluation of the various colours, microstructures and layers of the skin that are not visible to the naked eye. This microscopy diagnostic tool, when employed by a medical expert trained in this technology, can greatly improve the accuracy of clinical evaluation. The value of this kind of technological innovation cannot be overstated, as early detection of skin cancers and melanoma has been shown to greatly improve survival rates.

What can a dermascopic examination do for you?

Our clinic is dedicated to providing Kelowna and Okanagan patients with unmatched care for their skin. One way we put this into practice is by providing skin cancer screenings with accurate, efficacious and leading diagnostic methods such as dermascopy. If you wish to implement regular skin cancer screenings into your healthcare routine, or if you have a skin spot that is troubling you, we welcome you to book a professional consultation. Our team of highly skilled medical practitioners is here to help you maintain the health of your skin, whatever your concern.

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