FotoFinder® ATBM Skin Cancer Screening

Automated Total Body photography for early detection

About FotoFinder® ATBM Skin Cancer Screening

The advanced features of the FotoFinder® ATBM Skin Cancer Screening technology have made manually photographing the bodyfotofinder picture 3 from what was once an arduous task into a swift and seamless experience. The photography system takes total body images in as little as four minutes; it contains advanced magnification features along with diagnostic software to aid in mole evaluation, thus enabling precision tracking of changes in the skin over time.

What can FotoFinder® ATBM Skin Cancer Screening do for you?

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Canada and melanoma is the most common cause of death due to skin cancer. For a country with such a short summer season, this may come as quite a surprise. However, our desire to enjoy this brief window of hospitable weather has repercussions when precautions are not taken. Wearing protective clothing, applying sunscreen daily and avoiding prolonged periods of sun exposure are the first line of defense in preventing skin cancer. Next, routine self skin exams and yearly skin examination by a physician to look for skin irregularities allows for early detection of skin cancer. Significant risk factors for melanoma include those with a personal or family history of melanoma, previous non-melanoma skin cancers (like basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer), atypical or “dysplastic” moles, and those with many (>50) moles. For these people, and for anyone that wishes to be proactive about skin monitoring, digital body mapping of moles enhances the rate of early detection of melanoma.This allows for treatment of melanoma at the earlier stages, which significantly increases survival rates. Restore Vein and Skin Centre employs state of the art FotoFinder® ATBM Skin Cancer Screening technology in order to make this process as effortless and accurate as possible for Kelowna patients.

Are you ready to implement regular skin cancer screening into your healthcare routine?

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