ProFractional™ Therapy

Fractional laser therapy for beautifully rejuvenated skin

About ProFractional™ Therapy

The advent of fractional laser resurfacing revolutionized the field of medical aesthetics by providing considerable skin improvements without the downtime and recovery traditionally associated with laser therapy. ProFractional™ Therapy sends thousands of narrow channels of laser energy deep into the skin that stimulates skin regeneration. By treating a fraction of the skin at a time, treatments are more comfortable and healing times are shorter*.

What can ProFractional™ Therapy do for you?

Whether you’ve dedicated yourself to worshipping the sun or religiously applying anti-aging lotions and potions, there comes a point in time when the signs of aging catch up with us all. ProFractional™ Therapy provides Kelowna patients with a less invasive solution to turn back the clock on common aging concerns such as:

  • Enlarged pores
  • Acne scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Surgical and traumatic scars
  • Pigmentation irregularities such as age spots and melasma
  • Rough skin texture

After a ProFractional™ Therapy treatment, patients can anticipate three to four days of facial redness followed by skin flaking. Within the span of a week, a more even, smooth and radiant complexion is revealed*.

Discover the secret to ageless beauty with ProFractional™ Therapy. Restore Vein and Skin Centre welcomes you to book a professional consultation.

*Outcomes may vary

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